poster with a ex'd-out police cruiser, ex'd-out money, ex'd-out marshal sash and an ex'd-out "pnkwsh" app booth with the words "BOYCOTT SF PRIDE" and the bullet points follow: -don't attend - don't organize or participate in a parade contingent - don't become a member of sf pride or join the board of directors - don't marshal the parade, accept any titles, honors or accolades - don't sponsor sf pride - don't spend money on or at any sf pride events, vendors, sponsors, etc. - don't create content or art for pride - don't perform at pride - don't share sf pride media or content - don't accept money or donations from sf pride
May 21, 2019
Today is the 40th anniversary of the (Dan) White Night Riots which were sparked by the lenience afforded to Dan White, the former cop who killed Harvey Milk and George Moscone. In response, queers of all genders stormed San Francisco City Hall, torching at least a dozen cop cars in revenge, as they knew the police were and have always been the enemy. Currently in San Francisco, black trans women, homeless, disabled and/or undocumented queer/trans/gender non-conforming people of color, and many others, are criminalized, terrorized and imprisoned for existing. All while our trans/queer friends and family in jails, prisons, ICE detention centers, and psychiatric jails are also being tortured in captivity. In solidarity with all those that fight back against police terror we demand that San  Francisco Pride formally and officially bar the police from participating in all Pride events. xoxo, Gay Shame


Trans revolutionary and veteran of the Stonewall riots


Queer anti-displacement organizer and performer


Queer singer-songwriter and activist


Trans prison abolitionist


Trans artist and filmmaker



Queer author and instigator

Five-O Out of PRIDE 50

cartoon of a police officer grabbing someone in drag by the arm and screaming "queer!" followed by a cartoon of person with money and a police officer together holding a banner that says "queer" ending with the words "police out of pride"

It’s been 50 years since Stonewall and still we have cops at PRIDE™. Stonewall was a series of riots in New York City against police repression and violence where trans women, dykes, fags, butches, hair fairies, street queens (and much more) fought back. In the past half-century since, police violence against trans/queer people people of color has not decreased, but has in fact substantially increased through daily harassment, evictions, ICE raids, sex worker stings, and homeless sweeps that funnel trans/queer people of color into the Prison Industrial Complex. Despite this routine violence police visit upon queer and trans communities, at PRIDE™ festivals across the world the police constitute a heavy participatory presence. PRIDE™ is now little more than a marketing scam for partying straight people, tech companies, and other murderous corporations, lead by rainbow colored cop cars.

While we remember the histories of Stonewall and Compton’s, lets find ways to collectively commemorate, re-(in)state and embody the promises those nights held for queer and trans futures, possibilities, and liberation.

Join us in demanding an immediate and permanent ban of police at PRIDE™.


So long as PRIDE™ continues to enable and welcome the presence of the police, we ask that people participate in a complete boycott (physical, financial, cultural, existential) because we refuse to be paraded by cops. A boycott of PRIDE™, for participating individuals and organizations, means:


· Don’t attend the parade itself, or SF PRIDE™events throughout the month (unless its to directly confront the horror)

· Don’t organize or participate in a parade contingent

· Don’t become a member of SF PRIDE™ or join the Board of Directors

· Don’t marshal (already a militaristic term in itself) the parade or accept any titles, honors or accolades

· Don’t sponsor SF PRIDE™

· Don’t spend money on or at any SF PRIDE™ events, vendors, sponsors, etc.

· Don’t create content or art for PRIDE™

· Don’t perform at PRIDE™

· Don’t share SF PRIDE™ media or content

· Don’t accept money or donations from SF PRIDE™

· Don’t UberPride©

· Don’t AirBnB with Pride, it leads to the eviction of trans/queer people

List of cities we’ve found so far that currently don’t allow cops (or at least no cops in uniform):

Auckland, New Zealand

London, Ontario

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Toronto, Ontario

Sacramento, California

Calgary, Alberta

Edmonton, Alberta


Alternative prides that are anti cop and/or anti corporate: 

Charlotte, North Carolina

Columbus, Ohio

New Orleans

Pride De Nuit – Paris, Nice, Toulouse, Lyon

Cologne, Germany

Other orgs specifically against corporatization and cops:

Reclaim NYC Pride

No Justice No Pride DC