Every January since 2005, San Francisco has been invaded by fascistic fetus worshippers for what they call the “Walk for Life.” In 2008, over 10,000 fetus fascists were bussed in from all over California and beyond. In 2011, 40,000 people showed up. They do this because they are dedicated to controlling our bodies and upholding imperialist traditions of Christo faschism. 

They are returning on January 21, 2023, this time emboldened by the Supreme KKKourt. 

These fetus fetishists do not act alone, and the spread of their harmful and homicidal ideas are aided by the State, city officials, and all forms of police. For them “life is precious”, unless that life is a woman, Black, brown, Indigenous, poor, unhoused, mad, queer, trans, and/or locked up. The last thing these fascistic monsters want us to do is bridge the connections between gender self-determination and all forms of body autonomy.

The recent abortion ruling is connected to the rise of anti-gay and anti-trans bills . These laws expand the State’s ability to terrorize trans people (especially young people) by further restricting and criminalizing already insufficient gender affirming care. Make no mistake, it’s going to be the police coming for people—trans or not—for having abortions and/or receiving gender affirming care. The same police that kill Black and brown trans people, sweep the lives of our unhoused neighbors, lock us up for using drugs, being mad and poor, all while they steal billions while being backed by tech and celebrated by politicians.

Trans liberation, pro-abortion politics, and prison abolition are connected to all these histories and futures that we care about.

These “pro-lifers”, Christo fascists, and politicians think they’ve already made all these decisions for us, but we are here to tell them how fucking wrong they are. For us, for our safety, and the safety of our communities.

If we want to organize against these fetus worshippers, we need strength in numbers—a coalition to confront the fascists in January 2023. If you are in the Bay Area, come to our first coalition meeting. We will have an agenda, so email us what you think should be on it! 



Gay Shame, A Virus in the System