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GAY SHAME meets every Saturday at 6pm at 1304 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110. Located on Valencia, Muddy Waters is pretty close to the 24th Street and Mission BART stop.

ALL ARE WELCOME! (except cops, YIMBYs and their sympathizers…)


silenced gun with a flag wrapped around the silencer that reads gay shame a virus in the system and girl the system is flawed


collage of early 2000s mainstream gay assimilationist images (the *queer as folk* cast, joe phillips cartoons of conventionally attractive gays partying and a cover of rosie o'donnell's magazine) all decorated with clip-art bombs. text reads: you the wrong kind of queer for the queer establishment??? have you been: *kicked out of a gay business? *turned down entry to a gay business due to class, race, age, gender, sexuality, ability or personal appearance? *kicked out of a gender-specific space (bathrooms, sex clubs, locker rooms) for being the “wrong” gender? *assaulted physically or verbally by a GLBT? *experienced any other form of discrimination from the “community”? GAY SHAME isn’t afraid of the gays. in fact, our unique experience with the “community” will help you find answers, satisfaction, and glamour. GAY SHAME: A VIRUS IN THE SYSTEM. ALL OUR WELCOME!!! CONTACT US TODAY! 415-820-3200 ext. 150
drawing of a rainbow on fire with the words 'non-profits can't riot' above it, coming out of a cloud with outdated gay shame meeting details.
ransom note collage letter heading reading 'assimilation is fucked' above an image of what could either be a rainbow volcano or a rainbow flag on fire depending on one's perspective. below this is an older version of the gay shame mission statement and outdated gay shame meeting details.
a transparent plexiglass gay shame meeting sign using pink marker with hook-and-loop-fastened pieces of carpet on an easel decorated with a fake parrot surrounded by word balloons with additional meeting details suspended on wire hangers on the sidewalk in front of modern times bookstore at 888 valencia at 20th.