UPDATE DEC. 2022: We meet every Saturday at 6PM. For now half the meetings are virtual/online, and half are in person in the Mission. Get at us via email for info.

All are welcome! (except cops, YIMBYs and their sympathizers)



collage of early 2000s mainstream gay assimilationist images (the *queer as folk* cast, joe phillips cartoons of conventionally attractive gays partying and a cover of rosie o'donnell's magazine) all decorated with clip-art bombs. text reads: you the wrong kind of queer for the queer establishment??? have you been: *kicked out of a gay business? *turned down entry to a gay business due to class, race, age, gender, sexuality, ability or personal appearance? *kicked out of a gender-specific space (bathrooms, sex clubs, locker rooms) for being the “wrong” gender? *assaulted physically or verbally by a GLBT? *experienced any other form of discrimination from the “community”? GAY SHAME isn’t afraid of the gays. in fact, our unique experience with the “community” will help you find answers, satisfaction, and glamour. GAY SHAME: A VIRUS IN THE SYSTEM. ALL OUR WELCOME!!! CONTACT US TODAY! 415-820-3200 ext. 150