Gay Shame: the Podcast

Presented by a Rotating Cast of Marys

The Marys weigh in on white supremacy, capitalism, ableism, cops, settler-colonialism and so much more.

Episode 1: Abolition is the Floor Not the Ceiling

Episode 2: A Brief Tour Through Cooptation Nation

Episode 3: #FreeBritney, Free Them All

Episode 4: A Reparations Salon

Episode 5: No Vacancy at the Shelter in Place Hotels

Episode 6: Queer Insurrection: A Radical History of San Francisco

Episode 7: Queers of Color Against YIMBY

Episode 8: From Compton’s to Cop City: London Breed’s War on the Tenderloin

Episode 9: Anti-Sex Worker Barricades at Capp Street: Update and What’s To Be Done

Episode 10: The Anti-Zionist Boycott of Manny’s

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