BOYCOTT zionist gentrifier MANNY'S EVERY WEDNESDAY 6:30PM 3092 16TH ST. & VALENCIA images of emanuel yekutiel in a mask and sunglasses, a snippet of emanuel yekutiel's fb status reading: "Anyone know of some good Zionist organizations in the Bay where i can plug in and help?"

BOYCOTT MANNY’S STOP THE WOKE-WASHING OF THE MISSION We are a group of black and brown folks, radical Jews, Mission Housing tenants, trans and queer people, and many others, who are committed to collective liberation. We are calling for a community boycott of Manny’s (3092 16th at Valencia, SF) because this new upscale wine bar is yet another gentrifying attack on our community. While Manny’s bills itself as a “community space”, it’s marketed toward white ruling class techies, and its programming often features right-wing politicians who are supported by the luxury condo industry. While Manny’s is on the ground floor of a low-income building run by Mission Housing, its residents had no say in its placement. While countless Latinx cultural spaces are evicted from the Mission, Sam Moss who runs Mission Housing, gave Manny’s a reduced rent. The owner of Manny’s is also a self-identified Zionist. Zionism is a racist ideology that believes Palestinian people have no claim to their land. Zionists, through the state of Israel, enforce this ideology by murdering, arresting, torturing, and displacing generations of Palestinian people. We stand against Zionism, gentrification, anti-Semitism, and all other forms of oppression. Manny’s is part of a systematic attempt to make gentrification and racism seem “cool” through woke-washing. Woke-washing is the strategy of putting a “social justice” façade on oppressive politics. JOIN US EVERY WEDNESDAY 6:30PM This boycott endorsed by Black and Brown for Peace Justice and Equality; The Lucy Parsons Project; Brown Beret National Organization; National Brown Berets; International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network; Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism; Jews Against Zionism; GAY SHAME: A Virus in the System DON’T CROSS THE PICKET LINE

the catchphrase “affordable housing” has developed a numb versatility between anti-gentrifcation propaganda and luxury condo listings. its good-intentioned repetition is necessarily mystifying due to decades-long collaboration between local politicians and real estate speculators, and recently tech. this fuckery culminates around the maliciously calculated san francisco bay area median income, which allows persons with six figures to qualify for below market rate housing. these circumstances effectively transform the anti-gentrification normative demand for more housing into a shunning of the most desperate need. for those interested in the truly broad distribution of life chances it might be more effective to focus on calling for “subsidized housing”, intervening upon the ongoing criminalization of encampments and the encroaching criminalization of what’s left of rent control.

ante-up your condo if you're scared of tents! -- you don't get to complain about the vanishing social infrastructure you disrupted and burned to finance your third home, pet yoga instructor and your precious unopened polystyrene collectible figurine hordes! gay shame


black round stickers with an inverted pink triangle that says "GAY SHAME" and white text that reads: "CONDOS = DEATH" and white text that edges the circle's perimeter in an endless loop reading: "MASS EVICTIONS = UPZONED LUXURY BUILDINGS = COPS EVERYWHERE = MORE WHITE TECHIES = INCREASED RENTS = MASS EVICTIONS..."