Flyer reading "Congratulations! to Hawk & Ketty Fong Lou for their successful arson! Their fiery killing and displacement of longtime residents at 22nd and Mission helps gentrifiers enjoy even more shiny new condos!!!!!" In the background a pic of the New Mission Alamo gentrification Theater and a postcard with a pic of the 2015 killer fire at the long-time Latinx complex next-door to the gentrification theater.

PYROFLIPPER The time-saving app that provides a heavylifting upgrade to a san francisco mission district tradition of burning people out of their homes for profit. WINNER the 2014 crunchies -- best most disruptive new old concept-thought GAY SHAME copyright symbol flippyflick the opportunist character copyright 2014 a virus in the system

SLAP A MURAL ON IT! Pretend it's not displacement. GAY SHAME: a virus in the system

hey TECH VISIONARIE$$$: surrender your innovative luxury eco-friendly condos or else! LANDLORD ARSON VICTIMS NEED HOUSING! gay shame a virus in the system