Mary on the issues... All members of the SFPD and any other law enforcement agency will be used as nutritious compost to fertilize Golden Gate Park.

Graffiti will be promoted and funded in all its forms by the Hotel Council in order to cover up all unsightly advertising. A new marriage/domestic partnership tax will be levied. The funds will go towards providing universally available sex reassignment surgery.

Unemployed activists will be given productive employment throwing rocks and boulders through the windows of all live-work loft-style condominiums until all loft owners are forced to take shelter in the bay. Pacific Heights will be converted into a squatted village. 2870 Pacific Ave, the former residence of Gavin and Kimberly Newsom will be turned into a 24 hour no hold barred ecstatic queer orgy space. Unfortunately, the Newsom's will not be allowed to attend.

This militaristic display of Fleet Week will be ceased and instead, all of the Blue Angels will be flown into the sides of large buildings downtown. The Trans-America pyramid downtown will become the national center for trans-liberation.

All members of the Golden Gate Restaurant Association will be forced to convert their restaurants to free soup kitchens. All animals in the zoo will be set free and they will reclaim their instinctual desire to be herbivorous.

Last year over 169 homeless people died on the streets of San Francisco. This year 16,900 rich fascist politicians will take their places. Proposition XXX: All politicians who aggressively panhandle to the rich will be forced to remove the radioactive waste from beneath the Hunter's Point Naval Ship Yard with their bare hands in the nude.

Fashionistas Agree... Gavin Newsom Is SO Last Season Stay Tuned for the Official Mary for Mayor Kick Off Campaign We've Had Enough of Napa Wines and Big Fat Lines Fashionistas against Gavin (F.A.G.) Gay Shame The Virus In The System All Are Welcome!!!

a pro-mary 4 mayor flyer by riff-raff against gavin

a wider shot of people starting to gather in front of the "s.f. says no on newsom -- no on prop m." banner at the corner of geary and mason near ruby skye

wide shot of ruby skye's tacky and dated cursive marquee

people gather in front of ruby skye with a "s.f. says no on newsom -- no on prop m." banner

san francisco's elite queue up to the cordon to enter ruby skye

two people are in disguise, one with a videocamera

people in front of ruby skye look confused and leer

a group of people making music in front of ruby skye

san francisco's elite or something lurk about sullenly in front of the main entrance to ruby skye on mason

a group of people holding colorful signs in front of ruby skye reading: "please help mary 4 mayor! stop newsom's aggressive panhandling 2 the rich," "yay! let's send $87 billion to iraq & scapegoat the poor" and "mary says s.f.p.d. makes excellent compost"

two people in disguise in front of ruby skye, one holding a video camera and another holding a sign reading "9 out of 10 caged animals agree! Mary for Mayor!"

a group of people in front of ruby skye who appear to live extremely dour and joyless lives

a very pensive looking person standing in front of ruby skye

a group of people with signs filling up mason street in front of ruby skye

people with signs and a line of police in front of ruby skye on mason facing geary

gavin newwsom or a gavin newsom look-alike in a white dress shirt

a person in a suit who appears to be thinking

riot police advancing from mason up geary toward a shopping cart on fire and a group of people who have taken the street in front of the curran theatre

various people milling around and dancing in the middle of geary street at taylor a block down from ruby skye

a person in business casual or something

people dancing on geary street a block down from ruby skye holding up traffic

gavin newsom's campaign manager

people blocking geary street down a block from ruby skye and dancing

police protecting people who are apparently rich in front of ruby skye

people marching down geary street with the "s.f. says no on newsom -- no on prop. m" banner as night falls

a police officer talking to some person in a suit

people freaking out on the steps of city hall with the "s.f. says no on newsom no on prop m" and night falls

a loose line of police officers relaxing in front of ruby skye