no justice, no pride  no justice, no pride  on “pride” day, join gay hsame on market between 7th and 8th for a parade-side judging ceremony and demonstration (and potluck), starting at 10am and continuing throughout the parade, where we will “score” the floats according to their level of corporate responsibility, their commitment to real social change, and an all-inclusive queer agenda.  “gotta give ‘em hope?”  pride ’03 fact sheet: the parade- while the procession showcases groups and individuals that fight for social justice and corporate responsibility, it is also simply a marketing tool for numerous alcoholic beverage companies (but not tobacco, of course), big business-friendly politicians, and the brutal sfpd, which in the past year has murdered numerous people of color and beaten and arrested thousands of activists.  the sponsors- media conglomerate clear channel, the hearst family’s SF chronicle, union busting united airlines, and imperialistic starbucks spends thousands of dollars to promote their products. sadly, while local businesses are conspicuously absent from the list of sponsors, pride-goers are bombarded with advertisements for alcohol. show your pride, get loaded!  the cost- how much did you pay for your pride? just as social services and education spending dwindles, the city spends hundreds of thousands to put on this year’s events. (not to mention the millions of dollars queers pay to party and to express their “pride.”)  the theme- “gotta give them hope!” huh? innocent people in the middle east continue to suffer, corporate and conservative influence increases, american consumption and consumerism is on the rise, homeless people and children suffer, and gavin newsom’s mayoral campaign is gaining speed. surely harvey is spinning in his grave! we want action not hope!!!!

four people handcuffed kneeling surrounded by police in united nations plaza during gay pride

someone holds a black and pink flag alongside newsom's pride motorcade on market street

someone in a newsom pride shirt stands off with a person wearing a pink bandana

police strongarm a person in a pink bandana out of the market street pride parade route

police forcefully apprehending person in pink bandana covering face

police and newsom parade volunteer removing person from parade route

police detaining people in pink bandanas in the pride parade route on market street

mob of police dragging people in pink bandanas down market street during pride in front of hibernia bank

 person in pink bandana being mobbed by a large group of police inside the market street gay pride parade route

police handcuffing person in pink bandana in the market street pride parade route

medium shot of police cuffing and strong-arming person in pink bandana in the market street pride parade route

police ushering handcuffed person in pink bandana down market street pride parade route

police continue escorting handcuffed person in pink bandana down market street pride parade route

different person in pink bandana apparently writhes in pain while in handcuffs and being escorted down market street pride parade route with people in newsom shirts march by apparently unconcerned

police officers loom over two handcuffed people kneeling in pink bandanas