corporate pride funds war -- gay shamepeople with signs and banners running down market street from fifth street toward fourth

view of a few people in pink marching down mcallister in of some more people dressed in black marching in front of a large black "anti-war action" banner peeking behind signs and flags with the san francisco city hall dome looming in foggy silhouette

a group of people marching down mcallister from city hall between larkin and hyde some in pink and some in black. there is a prominent view of a turquoise sign that reads "peace bitch"

an overhead shot of hundreds of people marching down mcallister from san francisco city hall between larkin toward hyde under the massive black "anti-war action" banner and the red "gay shame" banner in front with a few people in pink

overhead shot of tons of people marching in front of the black "anti-war action" banner

people carrying the "gay shame" banner in front of black bloc with their large black "anti-war action" banner

overhead shot of people in pink and people in black.

overhead shot of market street between 7th and 6th clogged with people holding signs and banners

riot police milling around in front of the old bank of america location at the powell turnaround with the plastic face shields of their riot helmets up and long batons

a crowd of people forming a black bloc with a large black banner reading "anti-war action" and underneath a red "gay shame" banner

drawing of photo of people gathered under banners reading "anti-war action" and "gay shame"

a gathering of people in pink with a red "gay shame: a virus in the system -- and guuurl the system is flawed!" banner in the foreground

view from within a gridlock of cars stuck in traffic as people with signs and banners move in the background