Pro-Eviction Attorneys Bornstein and Bornstein are being EVICTED. After 20 years of succsessfully evicted bay area tenants, bornstein and bornstein are now in need of support as they face their own eviction. Join project lawyer connect, a new network for lawyers in need. Help us help them access the life-saving services they have become accustomed to including seal skin manicures, diplomatic immunity, cocaine fondue and michelin-rated dinners at Sheriff Mirkarimi's palatial compound. With community support they can get back on their feet and continue holding their "eviction bootcamps" for the countless landlords who are held captive by renters throughout San Francisco. When: Friday March 21, 2014 11:45am-1:00pm Where: bornstein and bornstein 507 polk street san francisco Dress: ready to evict

people congregating at the street level entrance to the bornstein and bornstein office holding a baby blue banner that reads "evict the evictors"

a group of people blocking the sidewalk ground floor front entrance to the polk street bornstein and bornstein office holding banners and signs